Construction Documents

During the Construction Document phase we properly communicate the design intent for the permitting and construction of your project. Consultant information is often incorporated into the construction documents at this stage. We work systematically to provide you with clear, accurate, high quality construction documents so you can focus on more important tasks.

Because our team works hard to provide you with the best possible professional service, we tailor the construction document process to fit the individual wishes of each and every client. We make sure that the documents we produce for your project are exactly how you expect them to be.

While we create aesthetically pleasing designs that translate well during the physical construction of the building, we also have the ability to produce high quality construction documents that reinforce our designs. Some firms are design firms, some firms are technical firms. At McNaughton Associates, we provide you with both design and technical focus on every project, which often provides a cost savings benefit to you.

Our construction documents have a reputation for being comprehensive and clear. Due to our reputation, we have been commissioned by other design firms to complete the CDs for their designs. What better testimonial than to be hired on by our own peers?