Design & Design Workshops

The Design phase is broken down into several parts: conceptual design, schematic design, and design development.

In the conceptual stage, we listen to you and your projects needs, while working to create the initial designs, generally in a loose sketch format. During this process, we begin our due diligence for zoning and development standards.

In the schematic stage we work with you to further develop the concept into a more comprehensive design with a more definite project scope, obtain your feedback, finalize jurisdictional requirements that might affect the project design, discuss and make adjustments as needed.

In the design development stage we begin to formulate how the design is put together. The outcome is a fully developed design that is ready to transition to the construction document phase.

The Design Workshop is also known as a Design Charette. This is a highly successful tool for clients who are looking to fast-track the design process and work collaboratively with trade associates and consultants through the design process. This workshop is the most efficient way to establish key programmatic elements and project ideas with the most important decision makers on the project team. This design process condenses the design phase from beyond several weeks (depending on the project) to several days, saving both time and money.